Fever on Straddie

What makes me excited about a designer?
It's the genuine care that comes from someone passionately pursuing a life they are proud of. This carefully curated assemblage was collected piece by piece, designer by designer. Each label you find here has an actual human (or humans) behind it, the kind that lives and breathes their art. Have a little think about that. These humans stew over the slightest details in their product. And when someone purchases it they dance! And SMILE! And they do this because they are so totally stoked that you are stoked on their designs. Though their missions may vary, these people ALL love what they do, and it certainly shows in their craftsmanship.  I know it's sorta lame to say "shop local." This is a global community. So I'm going to say 'shop genuine'.... that doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? Maybe, 'shop with care' because that's exactly what these ARTISTS put into their work. 
Lightweight, comfortable and cute, these sunnies do more than look good. They're POLARISED and UV 400 and feature eco friendly bamboo accents!
Each bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of rubbish from the sea!
Rad t-shirts and singlets locally designed and screen printed