Beach Bag

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This XL beach bag can carry all the towels for your whole family, a grazing platter, two babies, ten reusable water bottles, and a puppy. Kidding. BUT, she big, reeeeal big. Our range of Kollab bags are durable, eco friendly and just as cute as you are. This is an Australian brand. We communicate directly with their lovely team in stocking these items. 

This bag is;

+L 83.5cm x H 38cm x D 35cm

+fitted with two strap sizes, the smaller of which is perfect for pram (stroller) hooks.

+open at the top so you can easily grab out the goods.

+fitted with a little inner zipper pocket.

+made with 80% recycled plastic.

+so so so durable, and washable.

+available in several super cute prints.


++There is one variant called "PAPER coal" which is made with washable paper! The matte black is super chic. This material is a little more expensive.